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Elliott Morss | February 10th, 2016

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The Market Sell-Off: What Does the Future Hold?

January 9th, 2016 | 4

Equity markets sold off sharply last week. And there are certainly significant global uncertainties. Where will this all lead?Read More

The High Endowment Colleges/Universities: Do Their Students Benefit?

January 5th, 2016 |

There is a significant number of colleges and universities with large endowments. Do the students benefit in terms of better teaching and lower costs? These issues are addressed in this article.Read More

Is The NRA Right? Should More Americans Carry Guns?

December 16th, 2015 |

Concerns about mass shootings are up. The NRA argues that Americans would be safer if they carried guns. The article looks closely at the NRA claim. Read More

The Economics of Higher Education: Why Does It Cost So Much?

November 14th, 2015 |

We hear continually of how expensive it has become to go to college. The oft-mentioned alleged culprits are higher faculty salaries and a growing cadre of administrators. This is not the case. The article goes part of the way in explaining what has happened.Read More

More Fraud Is Coming in the Global Wine Industry

October 28th, 2015 |

There are a growing number of winemakers who buy rather than “farm” their wine. At the same time, wines from certain regions get a large price premium. Weather predictions for these regions are not good. Will it result in more fraud in the wine industry?Read More